December 2011

Marjolaine Charbin-piano & Frans Van Isacker-alto saxophone. Creative source recordings 196cd. Recorded at Studio Odeon, Brussels, October 2009.

"Together, Frans Van isacker and Marjolaine Charbin perform extremely thin free improvisation - microsonic if you will. Strongly reminiscent of the onkyo movement or the work of French group Hubbub. Nice tension in the music, and a few unique extended techniques."
François Couture, Monsieur Délire

"It's often hard to tell, without knowing beforehand, that what we are listening to are two very ordinary western instruments. No mention is made in the liner notes about electronics, and I'm assuming that there aren't any, and yet... (…) There is a lot of interaction between the sounds, albeit mostly on a very subtle level. It does sometimes "cook", but never threatens to boil over."
Jeph Jerman, The Squid’s Ear

"The CD is not overly radical, yet for sure demonstrates the musicians’ finely tuned ears as far as the understated exploration of the character of an instrument is concerned.  (…) In essence, this is a record whose misleading caginess reveals instead a number of admirable insights. The fact that the music appears honest, discreetly stylish in a way and absolutely worthy of a further deepening of some of its aspects doesn’t hurt, either."
Massimo Rici, Touching Extremes

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Sharp Edges

Olivier Toulemonde-acoustic objects and Marjolaine Charbin-piano, objects and contact microphones. Recorded live at Sound Disobedience Festival, Ljubljana, 2013.

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Glowing in Light and Shade

Visa Kuoppala-electronics, Grundik Kasyansky-feedback synthesiser, Marjolaine Charbin-piano. Recorded live at Goldsmiths University, London, 2015.

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Miniaturised Concertos/Maché

November 2016
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Pianist Kate Halsall conceived the idea of the Miniaturised Concerto as a new way to present two-piano repertoire in the context of the avant-garde, rock-fusion and electronic music of today. The result is five major ‘concertos’ and four works in the style of Maché (collages, or medleys) of new works by several composers including Andrew Morgan, Andrew Poppy, Colin Riley, Devon Tipp, Dominic Murcott, Duncan MacLeod, Emma-Ruth Richards, Fumiko Miyachi, Helen Papaioannou, Joel Bell, Katherine Norman, Leo Chadburn, Matthew Rowan, Naomi Pinnock, Philip Cashian, Richard Glover, Richard Perks, Rowland Sutherland, Ruta Vitkauskaite, Ryoko Akamai, Simon Vincent, Timo Tuhkanen

Sabu Toyozumi

December 2012

Marjolaine Charbin-piano, Jean Demey-bass, Jean-Jacques Duerinckx-sax, Jacques Foshia-clarinets, Joel Grip-bass, Audrey Lauro-sax, Luo chao-Yun-pi pà, Pascal Marzan-guitar, John Russel-guitar, Isabelle Sainte-Rose-cello, Peer Schlechta-pipe organ, Guy Stralle-percussion, Jena-Michel Van Schouwbourg-voice, Kris Vanderstraeten-percussion, Ove Volquartz-reeds, Dan Warburton-violin-piano