with Eddie Prevost, Jennifer Allum and Ute Kanngiesser

Marjolaine has collaborated regularly with Eddie, Jennifer and Ute in the recent years, as a quartet and trio, performing in the Uk and in Croatia.


Ear Stroll solo

A solo performance based on process compositions.

« make audible the movement of my attention and the life in my body, my decisions in their sonic and physical manifestations when I listen to the resonnance, when I listen to the passing time, when I listen to the balancing between two sounds, and the space created by this balancing».



Marjolaine’s first extended collaboration dedicated to improvisation, a duo with the Belgian saxophonist Frans Van Isacker. They released their CD « Kryscraft », under the label creative source. They performed in Belgium and London. From 2007.


with Phillipe Van Cutsem

Marjolaine Charbin and film maker Philippe Van Cutsem collaborated for the music of « Le nouveau monde » and « Le récit de mon père ». For « Le nouveau Monde », the music was thought of as a major element of the project from the start, piano and saxophone sounds intertwined with nature field recordings. The final editing was a result of a back and forth process between text, images and music. Please get in touch should you wish to watch those films.


with Dancers

Her meeting with Julyen Hamilton and later the dancer Lisa Nelson deeply inspired her perception of space and interactions between sounds and physical movement, and her approach to performance. Marjolaine performed with Julyen Hamilton in various occasions, and with other dancers as Theodossia Stathi, Dafni Stefanou and the Brussels Tunning Band.


There is Still a Body

A series of monthly events, curated by Marjolaine, focused on collective real-time composition around music, dance and the spoken word. Brussels, 2011/2012.


La Maladie de la Mort

Theatre production directed by Pierre Tallaron based on Marguerite Duras’s integral text. A two woman performance with Ben Merlin-voice, and Marjolaine Charbin-piano. Created at the Théâtre de l’Elysée, Lyon, March 2011.


Early Years

Marjolaine’s early projects include:

Radar trio: playing jazz tunes and Marjolaine’s compositions. With Ivo Sans-drums and Rui Salgado-bass. 2008/2009

Pianocktail: a quartet led by Marjolaine dedicated to Herbie Nichols’s music.  With Frans Van Isacker-alto sax, Daniel Duchateau-drums, Cyrille de Haes-bass. 2006/2007

Duo with Jean-Michel van Schouwburg-voice. 2009

Mrs Okkido: Marjolaine was playing keyboard in Audrey Lauro’s alternative pop band Mrs Okkido. 2008/2010

Le Frap: Experimental rap band including Ivo Sans-drums, Ilan Manouach-saxophone, Adib Garti-bass, Marjolaine Charbin-keyboards and DYnamic- voice